NCTZ Sunset Mushroom Lamp €12,88
Chase the setting sun with the NCTZ Sunset Mushroom Lamp. This captivating lamp is crafted with a gentle gradient of silicon and features an adjustable on/off touch sensor switch. Let its vibrant colors envelope you for a truly magical experience!
NCTZ LED Letters €7,50
Light up your special occasions with this beautiful Decorative Letters Alphabet LED Light! Enjoy a luminous, number lamp decoration with a battery-powered night light. Ideal for parties, babies’ bedrooms, or any special place in your home. Enhance the atmosphere and create eye-catching decorations!
NCTZ Sunset Lamp €20,00
Light up your room in brilliant shades of a breathtaking sunset with the NCTZ Sunset Lamp! Crafted with beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow, you'll feel like you have a view of the horizon right in the comfort of your own home. Bring the beauty of a sunset indoors with this captivating lamp!
NCTZ LED Moon Night Light €25,00
Ignite a magical atmosphere in your home with the NCTZ LED Moon Night Light! Its realistic crescent moon shape and warm glow will fill your space with wonder. Let the gentle light lull you into a peaceful sleep every night. Create a peaceful oasis in any room!
NCTZ LED Bonsai Night Light €45,00
Get a soothing, warm glow with the NCTZ LED Bonsai Night Light! Decorate any space with the unique and eye-catching design and bask in the soft light it provides. Create a calming atmosphere with this gentle LED light, perfect for winding down after a long day.
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NCTZ 3D LED Clock €20,00 €35,00
Experience time like never before with the NCTZ 3D LED Clock, an innovative 3D LED clock that creates a mesmerizing timepiece for your home or office! Watch as the bold LED lights bring the clock to life with a beautiful 3D effect that fills any space with a bright and vibrant atmosphere. Let the NCTZ 3D LED Clock transform your home into a place of beauty and wonder!