NCTZ Dice Stool €22,08
Delight in comfort and style with the NCTZ Dice Stool. Perfect for the living room or bedroom, this lamb wool stool brings both fashion and function, giving your decor a meaningful touch. Soft and massage-like, it's a long-term companion that looks just as good as it feels. Redefine your space with imaginative design!
NCTZ Album Cover Stickers (25pcs) €16,00
Express yourself with these 25 unique album cover stickers -- perfect for decorating your bedroom walls, laptop, or favorite notebook. Let your imagination run wild and make a bold statement that shows off your style!
NCTZ Vinyl Coasters from €6,00
Our NCTZ Vinyl Coasters are the perfect protection from those pesky drips and condensation. They'll keep your surfaces looking pristine while adding a perfect touch of personality to your home - all in one stylish package!
NCTZ Sunset Lamp €20,00
Light up your room in brilliant shades of a breathtaking sunset with the NCTZ Sunset Lamp! Crafted with beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow, you'll feel like you have a view of the horizon right in the comfort of your own home. Bring the beauty of a sunset indoors with this captivating lamp!
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NCTZ 3D LED Clock €20,00 €35,00
Experience time like never before with the NCTZ 3D LED Clock, an innovative 3D LED clock that creates a mesmerizing timepiece for your home or office! Watch as the bold LED lights bring the clock to life with a beautiful 3D effect that fills any space with a bright and vibrant atmosphere. Let the NCTZ 3D LED Clock transform your home into a place of beauty and wonder!
NCTZ Basketball Smile Pillow €20,00
Introducing NCTZ's Basketball Smile Pillow: the perfect companion for any die-hard fan! Soft and comfy, it's the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room, and its bright smile and distinct team logo give it an unmistakable sporty feel. It's the perfect way to show your team spirit!
NCTZ GTA V Rug from €20,00
Step into your favorite virtual game with our NCTZ GTA V Rug! Crafted with soft, comfortable fabric, it's incredibly easy to clean and offers superior wear-resistance and durability, making it perfect for your bedroom or living room. Enjoy its unique design and never-fading colors every day!
NCTZ Sunset Mushroom Lamp €12,88
Chase the setting sun with the NCTZ Sunset Mushroom Lamp. This captivating lamp is crafted with a gentle gradient of silicon and features an adjustable on/off touch sensor switch. Let its vibrant colors envelope you for a truly magical experience!
NCTZ Melting Wall Clock €25,00
Discover the wonder of time itself with the NCTZ Melting Wall Clock. Watch the clock's unique face melt away as time passes, making each second stand out and capture the attention of all who experience it. Add this one-of-a-kind piece of art to your home for an exciting and interesting display!
NCTZ Flower Rug €50,00
This NCTZ Flower Rug is perfect for adding a vibrant touch to any room. Its bright colors and beautiful flower design will bring a cheerful energy to your home. Experience unparalleled comfort and elegance with this premium rug!
NCTZ Basketball Pillow from €15,00
Bring the game home with the NCTZ Basketball Pillow! This plush pillow is perfect for the court or the couch, providing a stylish way to show your love of hoops. Snuggle up and experience comfort and relaxation like never before! What are you waiting for? Grab one now!
NCTZ Uno Take4 Card Rug €60,00
Introducing the NCTZ Uno Take4 Card Rug - an essential accessory for any Uno fan! Crafted from premium materials, this rug will bring hours of entertainment and unforgettable memories. Perfect for showing off your skills, it's the perfect way to bring Uno into the real world and transform your game sessions. Get your Uno on today!
NCTZ LED Letters €7,50
Light up your special occasions with this beautiful Decorative Letters Alphabet LED Light! Enjoy a luminous, number lamp decoration with a battery-powered night light. Ideal for parties, babies’ bedrooms, or any special place in your home. Enhance the atmosphere and create eye-catching decorations!
NCTZ "Hold On" Statue €25,00
Lend your home decor an inspiring touch with our NCTZ "Hold On" Statue. An enduring symbol of collaboration and balance, this unique sculpture depicts a man pulling a woman to his chest. Perfect for any room in the house, it is an ideal gift for a newlywed couple or a special friend's birthday. Add the perfect decorative touch to your living room, bedroom, or window shop and ignite conversations.
NCTZ Retro Cassette Tape Rug from €30,00
Experience a retro twist with our NCTZ Cassette Tape Rug. Crafted with a soft and comfortable surface, it’s perfect for a touch of nostalgia. Non-slip, dust-proof, and wrinkle-resistant, the rug is easy to clean and won't fade, making it the perfect addition to any home.
NCTZ Round Mirror (26pcs) €15,00
Introducing our round mirrors, the perfect way to add a unique, artistic flair to your home! Easily apply and remove these beautiful mirrors to any wall – stucco walls, glass, or any other smooth surfaces. The mirrors add a modern touch to any room - from living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms to kitchens and offices. Get ready to feel inspired and transform your space today!
NCTZ Naruto Rug from €40,00
Bring Naruto to life with the vibrant NCTZ Naruto Rug! Whether you use it as a wall art display or as a comfortable floor companion, this rug makes for an eye-catching addition to any room. Crafted from durable materials, it's sure to be an enduring part of your home for years to come. Get ready for your own ninja journey!
NCTZ Lego Vase from €30,00
Bring beauty and structure to your home with the NCTZ Lego Flower Vase. This high-quality Lego minifigure-inspired flower vase offers a perfect blend of charming fun and playful organization. With its unique design, it adds a unique touch to any space. Brighten up your home with the NCTZ Lego Flower Vase today!
NCTZ Hello Kitty Minifigures (10 pcs) €10,00
Add adorable charm to your room with these adorable Hello Kitty minifigures! Each pack of minifigures comes with 10 figures of Hello Kitty in various outfits. Collect them all and add a unique sweet touch to your building set!
NCTZ Uno Reverse Card Rug €35,00
The NCTZ Uno Reverse Card Rug is perfect for any Uno lover. This soft rug features the Uno Reverse Card, making it the perfect piece to complete your gaming room. Unique and eye-catching, it's sure to be the center of attention in any room!
NCTZ Puzzle Piece PIllow €35,00
Bring a little bit of fun and whimsy to your home with the NCTZ Puzzle Piece Pillow. Crafted from comfortable and durable fabric, this playful pillow is perfect for adding a unique touch to your space. Its intricate design and bold colors make it an eye-catching addition to any room!
NCTZ LED Bonsai Night Light €45,00
Get a soothing, warm glow with the NCTZ LED Bonsai Night Light! Decorate any space with the unique and eye-catching design and bask in the soft light it provides. Create a calming atmosphere with this gentle LED light, perfect for winding down after a long day.
NCTZ Fender Keychain Box €44,16
Add a cute touch to your keys with this set of five NCTZ Fender Keychain Boxes! Crafted from sturdy material and detailed with heart-catching designs, they’re perfect for showing off your unique style. Owning these keychains also means fewer lost keys or misplaced keys in the morning rush!
NCTZ Adhesive Cat Hook €10,00
Organize your space with the adorable NCTZ Adhesive Cat Hook! Its cartoon cat design adds charm and whimsy to any wall. Easy to install with its self-adhesive back, this hook is ideal for hanging keys, coats, towels, and more in your bedroom, dormitory, or entryway. With its versatile design, the NCTZ Adhesive Cat Hook is sure to become your go-to choice for stylish organization!